Cortana Turns CRM on its Ear

CRM-Mobile-WP-SidebarYou call into the customer support division of a company and speak with a customer service rep.  The conversation progresses, hopefully toward a satisfying resolution.  For you the situation begins and ends with your phone call but have you ever thought about what is going on behind the scenes?  If you are responsible for setting your sales team up for success, you’ll want to learn more about Microsoft’s newest integration to their CRM product called Cortana.

Microsoft has leveraged the Cortana voice automation available on Windows phones and created a dynamic tool that will help sales reps manage their day easier.  This, in turn, will allow them to better satisfy the needs of the customers anywhere, anytime.  Cortana provides hands-free user interaction as well as removing the problems that occur when moving between interfaces.  Cortana and Dynamics CRM take away the distractions and let sales reps manage their customer interactions and wrap up protocol using one program.


This change in approach impacts sensibilities in many levels including cloud, customer service, and mobility.  The range of Microsoft products will be available at the touch of a button.  Excel, Word, PowerPoint, even Outlook –tools that would have required opening a new window, which increases steps at every turn, are accessible in the tool.  Leaving the app is no longer necessary.  That is great news for companies that understand that a couple extra clicks per rep every hour impact productivity in a big way.

And that is not the only thing that Cortana will help sales reps do.  There are out of the box commands that come with pre-programmed in this application that will allow CRM reps to save time, on the go as they assist their customers.  Sales reps can tell Cortana to perform functions that they would have had to key in before completely.  Key phrases are available for selection instead, which will help reps save time.  Out of the box commands include:

  • “CRM Schedule meeting to discuss (name)”
  • “CRM Remind me to call (name)”
  • “CRM Create account”
  • CRM Remind me to follow up with (name)”
  • “CRM Find accounts named (name)”
  • “CRM Show accounts view my connections”
  • “CRM Show my active accounts”

Cortana allows users to search the tool for documents without having to manually specify the location of the file.  This frees the CRM user up for handling a situation with a customer while the tool works for them.

There is much anticipation around the release of this dynamic tool for customer relationship building.  The Cortana integration will be included with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 release.  Microsoft is taking their time with this tool, being sure to perfect its capabilities before releasing it, hence a firm date has not been divulged.  The power this tool brings to the table is encouraging; the impact it can have on CRM-based organizations is immeasurable.  Cortana is an integral part of the future of mobile CRM.

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