4 Challenges Elevator Service Companies Face

The Elevator Service industry has changed dramatically in the last few years. Field service departments are now focused on growth, using technology to increase revenue from maintenance and repair, eliminate fines, increase uptime, and provide better service to their customers.

Does your company face some of these challenges?

  1. Proposal Generation and Tracking – How much time and effort is needed to generate accurate proposals for jobs?
  2. Modernization Jobs – Do you know immediately when your mod jobs get off course in time to redirect the project?
  3. Mobile Applications – Are your staff wasting precious time by doing mundane paperwork? If you look at your office staff, they’re spending many hours a day taking reports from mechanics and typing them into the system. Is there duplication of work in your office process?
  4. Account Analysis – Just because your mechanics are working 40 hours, it doesn’t mean they’re productive during those 40 hours. What if you had visibility to your mechanic’s performance – in time to take remedial action?

SBS Group has a complete solution designed specifically for your growing elevator service company that can:

  • Complete proposal generation that keeps you from forgetting to enter that task or item that ends up costing you money
  • Automatically track DOB-required maintenance, inspection schedules or violation deadlines
  • Optimize your mechanic’s routes and performance
  • Free up field supervisors’ time to enable them to be on site to manage new construction and mod jobs
  • Electronically dispatch mechanics to service calls

For our next blog post, we will talk about how to save money and time when it comes to proposals and tracking them.

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