Smartlist Updates in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Two features have been added to the Smartlist with the upgrade to GP 2015 R2. A new Workflow 2.0 option will allow for the approval of new SQL Views created through SmartList Designer and now the Debit Amount column will display before the Credit Amount column in the Account Summary and Account Transaction default SmartLists.

SmartList Designer View Workflow

Once approved, these workflows will allow users to use the Publish option to create new, refreshable Excel reports on these views. Being able to use the Publish option from SmartList does require that Excel Reports already be deployed on your system.

The new SmartList Designer View Approval workflow can be found under the Administration series in the Workflow Maintenance window once GP 2015 R2 has been installed.



You will need to set up the workflow like any other workflow in your system, with a Manager(s) and Approver(s). Be sure to mark the workflow as Active once you have created the New Step!

Once the workflow has been setup, you will see the Submit button light up when creating new SmartLists in SmartList Designer. Before clicking the Submit button after you are finished creating the SmartList, you will see the [Not Submitted] status in the upper left area of the SmartList Designer screen as well. You will still be able to run the SmartList without submitting the view for approval, but you will not have the option to use the Publish button until the workflow has been submitted and approved.


After submitting the workflow, approvers can find the SmartList workflow in the new SmartList Designer View Pending Approval Navigation Pane option under the Administration selection.


Just like other Pending Approval workflow Navigation Panes, you can check the checkbox next to the View that needs approval and click the Approve/Complete button. Approvers also have the option to open the view from this Navigation Pane by double-clicking on it for review, or highlight it and use the Edit button. Once reviewed, approvers can select to Reject, Delegate, or Approve/Complete the workflow.

Once Approved/Completed, users will then see the Publish button light up in the SmartList window when viewing the SmartList.


Users can click on the Publish button and should receive a message stating that “The Excel Report published successfully.”

Users will then be able to view the Excel Report from within the Excel Reports directory on the system.

Also, during this process, a new view is created in SQL in the GP Company database that the workflow has been approved in, and will start be named like the following.

dbo.GPSLD_FIN_SmartList Name

Users can leverage these newly created views for other custom reports within SSRS or for more SmartList Favorites and Excel Reports.

Debits displayed before Credits in SmartList Reports


Along with the changes to the default Account SmartLists, the same change has been made to the AccountSummary Default and AccountTransactions Default Excel Reports.

These changes come with a change to the DEBITAMT field moving immediately before the CRDAMT column in the following tables in the Company database.



Along with the DEBITAMT column moving in front of the CRDAMT column, the ORDBTAMT column has also been moved in front of the ORDCRDAMT column in the following tables.





You Need to be on Dynamics GP 2015 R2 to take advantage of these updates. Ready to Upgrade?


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