Set Yourself Up for Business Intelligence Adoption Success

If you have committed to a Business Intelligence project and invested in making a reality for your organization, then you know the critical importance of having it be a success.  One of the key factors that makes or breaks any business technology initiative is user adoption.  If your people aren’t using the systems and processes that you have put in place, then your project was a bust.

The best way to set your BI project up for success is to formulate and follow an adoption plan to ensure that your people get on board and stay on board. In order to create and leverage a successful business intelligence (BI) adoption plan, it’s vital that you embrace an analytical mindset that clearly aligns with and supports your BI strategy across all areas of the organization.

Since the ultimate objective is to make your BI initiative a success with impressive bottom line results, it’s important that you and your team carefully analyze and document every aspect of the plan so that you don’t get caught up in the latest hype.

Raising the BI Performance Bar

Bear in mind that the level of your team’s performance during the first 100 days of your (BI) adoption plan can contribute to a make or break record of success. The old adage do it right the first time should be a vital part of your strategy.

Have you identified and defined what the organization expects from this initiative? It’s important that you and your team have a firm understanding of expectations. This should be documented.

Consider the following:

  • Have the organizational goals been carefully analyzed?
  • Are the goals limited and are they realistic?  If not, this needs to be addressed from the beginning so that it doesn’t come back to pull down your performance. Wishful thinking will not serve you well.
  • Lack of communication can easily contribute to a failed BI plan.
  • Your support structure should include the CEO, CIO, and business managers so that everyone is fully informed and everyone can see that the project is endorsed by the leadership.

If you need help establishing a BI adoption plan, or righting a BI project that has gone awry, let us know!  We can help!

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