3 New Navigation Features in CRM 2015 Online Update 1

With Update 1 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 came three new/updated navigation features which users can utilize. These features include:

  • Global Most Recently Used (MRU)
  • Form Section Navigation
  • New Form Rendering Engine

Global MRU

Global MRU allows users to quickly access their recent work such as Records, Views and Dashboards. The Global MRU also allows for pinning. However, when using Global MRU you must consider that only the previous 30 records and 10 views can be displayed at a single time.

Form Navigation

CRM is bringing back Form Navigation. They have implemented a dropdown to allow for quick jumping into different areas of the form. Also, existing Client APIs whom applied when the form previously had form navigation will now work with the updated configuration as well.

Form Rendering Engine

The updated form rendering engine can now load forms faster than previously. A general overview of the form rendering process is as follows:

  • Caches structural components of form (HTML, JSON)
  • Creates a View layer, split from the Data layer
  • Data and Control layers do not access the browser DOM

When working with the Form Rendering Engine Beware that unsupported customizations might not benefit from it or have unexpected behaviors during the form load. In the case that unsupported customizations or unexpected load behaviors exist, you must enable the “Use legacy form rendering” setting under the General Tab. Also when using this updated Engine, the user should acknowledge that Grids, Process Control and Activities Wall are not using the new rendering engine at this point.

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