4 New Application Features in CRM Online 2015 Update 1

With the recent update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 came four new features that will help to streamline your processes and empower users. These for features include:

  • Process Action from Workflow
  • Honoring Required Steps at Platform Level
  • Business Process Flows
  • Clear Field Values with Business Rules

Process Action from Workflow

This new feature allows the user to execute custom actions on Workflows, whereas, before the upgrade, only routine functions such as create, update and delete a record could be performed. When this function is used appropriately, workflows and dialogs can call common logic within a single custom action which includes parameters of type: string, numeric, DateTime and Entity references. However, when using this function, it is also important to consider that you cannot pass in entity and entity collection when using workflow, you can’t use picklist as input parameter and XAML workflows are not supported in CRM online.

Honoring Required Steps at Platform Level

This new feature prevents users from bypassing steps in the business process. Previously, users could do so by manipulating SDK and moving on to the following stages. Now the system automatically checks to make sure that all required business processes have been competed before allowing the user to further their process. If the user does try to continue without completing a certain process, an error message will appear informing the user which requirement has not been completed. Once the user follows the error message’s instructions, and completes the requirement, the user can then proceed further with their business process.

Business Process Flows (Set Active)

Prior to the update, the user was only able to forward within the process flow, making the user unable to retrace their steps. With this new feature, the user can move back to previous stages in the process flow if they need to make edits.

These are the stages of the process flow:

Qualify Lead > Identify Needs > Create Proposal > Present Proposal > Close

The user can navigate through these stages at any point in the process with this new feature. For example, if the user is currently in the “Present Proposal” stage and he or she needs to conduct further research, the user can simply select the “Identify Needs” stage in the process flow and click the “Select Active” button. Now the user would be sent back to that stage in which he complete the research necessary. This can also be executed on a smartphone or tablet.

Clear Values with Business Rules

Previously, users had to clear values via JavaScript, however due to the upgrade users are now able to do this directly in CRM and Business Rules let you clear field values on the client and server side. In addition a new “type” of action had been added for the Set field value which runs on both entity and form scope.

You Need to be on Dynamics CRM 2015 to take advantage of these updates

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