Benefit from a Cloud-Connected Business with NetSuite and Office 365

If you’re looking to improve upon efficiency and future proof your business, there’s no better answer than cloud solutions. A cloud-connected business is always on and always accessible, and the new partnership between NetSuite and Microsoft Office makes it more effective than ever before.

The Power of NetSuite Hosted on Microsoft Azure

Recently, NetSuite announced a partnership that will bring its unified business management solution to Microsoft’s Office and Azure platforms, creating a cohesive, all-in-one enterprise resource planning, office, productivity and project management solution. Businesses already running on Microsoft Azure will find it easy to integrate NetSuite to their existing infrastructure, while those on NetSuite now have the option to either use Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure for their hosting.

Improving Productivity through Office 365

OFFICE 365_FINALOffice 365 is designed to simplify and streamline the office solutions that modern businesses need to keep their employees productive and focused. Through Office 365, employees are able to quickly collaborate and share. Documents can be accessed easily through the cloud network from anywhere, whether an employee is in the office or telecommuting. Files are backed up and checked out, so that work is never lost or accidentally overwritten, even if multiple employees are working on them. Calendars and project management features keep every worker on task, while Microsoft’s security features protect against data leaks, breaches, viruses and other security concerns.

Office 365 supports all of Microsoft’s document products, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft’s new “Groups” function creates a single collaborative resource tool that can be used for inter-office communications, rather than bouncing between Lync or Outlook. Further, Office 365 on Microsoft Azure is a fully supported protect, which requires no additional IT staff. As a hosted application, all the tech support a business could require is already rolled into the product.

NetSuite’s Combined ERP and CRM Solutions

NetSuite offers comprehensive business management and customer relationship management software solutions, neatly tying in with the inter-office collaboration, document control and project management tools provided by Office 365. Where Office 365 is geared towards improving communication and collaboration between employees, NetSuite offers a fully-featured business management suite, both for small businesses and large corporations. Through NetSuite and Office 365, employees will be able to move seamlessly through their collaborative efforts and their customer relationship management solutions. NetSuite users will be able to take advantage of the speed, stability and security of Microsoft’s Azure platform, in addition to the benefits of the Office 365 system.

Any business looking to either move to the cloud or to improve upon its current cloud-connected services should look towards NetSuite and Office 365. Through their partnership, both NetSuite and Microsoft can provide an entirely comprehensive, secured and robust cloud-connected infrastructure.

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