Distribution Complexity is Increasing – Be Prepared

You know that your company needs to grow and change to stay in business. Your marketing and sales team is looking for new opportunities. Many of those new business requirements will come along with increasing complexity and operational requirements which challenge your current warehouse operations.

A large retail customer may need customized pallets or light assembly like adding labels or price tickets to products. Another one may only do business with distributors who offer complete visibility of order and inventory data via Electronic Data Interface (EDI) files.

Make certain you are ready to manage those new requirements and get that new customer contract. Many of these requests and requirements are driven by your customers working to improve their own supply chain efficiency. Start your preparations and changes to accommodate these in advance of the requests.

Can your warehouse process and technology support these complexities? —

Value Added Warehousing

– Does your facility have the space and expertise to add value to the product during picking, handling and before packaging and shipping?

The ability to provide these services can differentiate you from your competition. Check to make certain your order management and warehouse systems have the flexibility to support value added processes like the example above of adding price tickets to items.

Customer Compliance

– Can your systems provide electronic data interface (EDI) files in the format your customer requests? Your warehouse management system should be able to create and interface with an outside system to produce the correct format and all of the data fields requested by the customer for supply chain visibility.

New Channels

– Is picking small quantities for direct to customer shipments possible with your picking system? To maximize your staff efficiency you’ll want to concentrate these products in a small area of your warehouse, and ensure the packaging is broken down when stowed to the item order and pick quantity.

Detailed knowledge of your current system capabilities is clearly a requirement of all three areas! If you’ve reviewed your systems and know that any of these new complex requirements would be a challenge, then contact Socius about a Distribution20/20 Demo.

Our suite includes a streamlined EDI capability for customer compliance and enhanced business intelligence which according to one of their satisfied customers “reduces the opportunity for human error, and performs calculations much faster than a person could.”

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