Creating, Configuring and Using Calculated Fields in Dynamics CRM 2015

With the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, there are some exciting new features that include calculated fields. Calculated Fields formulas are comprised of current entity fields that are related entities through a many to one relationship. These fields use basic math operators along with date and string functions. You can also have the ability to model complex conditions with and/or support without the need to use additional coding.

Examples of Calculate Fields:

  • Weighted revenue which provides a single metric to help sales reps prioritize opportunities. This is made up of the probability multiplied by the estimated revenue.
  • Lead Scoring provides you with a score to helps a sales rep follow up with and prioritize open leads. This score is based on different data points set up.
  • Invoice Due Dates adds a time period after the date an order has been fulfilled.

Creating and Configuring Calculated Fields

After creating a new opportunity, you can specify a condition for your calculated Field. The entity will be automatically selected to the current entity for which you wish to see the calculated field. After completing the condition, you see a free form text box under the action section. But for added value to help you build your formulas faster and with fewer errors, you will get a drop down with possible value for the formula.

Using Calculated Fields and Rollup Fields Together

As a sales or account manager, you may have several accounts you monitor, you need a way to quickly identify if there are any accounts that need attention. For this, you can create a Rollup Field to give you the number of open cases for every account. You can also create an additional Rollup Field that provides you with a total count of open revenue against the account. Then using a Calculated Field, you can provide logic to mark an account based on the total outstanding revenue and the total number of open cases against the account. This will empower your sales reps and managers with the ability to easily determine which accounts may need attention.

See Calculated Fields in Action Here:

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