How Power BI Fits the New Perspective of Business Intelligence

Like all things in the tech world, Business Intelligence or Big Data has been transforming rapidly. Now, Microsoft has released a worldwide free preview of Power BI. This application embodies all that Business Intelligence is becoming.

Power BI is an easy-to-use yet complex solution that will help you:

Avoid Repeating BI History

In the past, Business Intelligence initiatives were highly-technical, complex, expensive, IT only undertakings.

Over the past 15 years, there have been 3 major upsets to the business environment. These situations led businesses to:

  • Rethink their product mixes
  • Address buyers in new ways
  • Reinvent themselves

These dramatic changes rendered all of the work done on building reporting dashboards useless.

Deliver Data Leveraging the New Ways We Use Technology

As web application users, we are now conditioned to be visual learners. We no longer take time to read and we don’t want to comb through data, we want quick hits of visual information to tell us if things are good or if they need our attention. Once we identify what needs attention, we expect to be able to zero in on the cause and effect.

In order to deliver information in this way, we are now seeing pre-populated dashboards becoming more and more standard in business solutions.

Provide Visibility for All

Modern BI solutions incorporate self-service elements that put the power to create reports into the hands of the people who need them – instead of relying on IT to generate and update reports.

Also, there is an emphasis on solutions that provide actionable data and can help you focus on the tasks that need immediate attention.

The ability to tie together data from multiple sources, like ERP and CRM systems, as well as from external sources is changing the way that data is consumed and the ease with which conclusions can be drawn.

Power BI was designed specifically in response where Business Intelligence technology is today and where it is going. Find out more here.

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