Configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook

As a salesperson in your company, you need to be able to get set up with your accounts and begin working as quickly as possible without getting stuck dealing with lengthy configuration and errors. However, yellow notification banners on your CRM should not be cause for worry! Especially now with the many improvements that have been made to the configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Add-In. The process to get started with Outlook has been completely reimagined and improved for streamlined efficiency.

Upon logging into CRM 2015, you’ll notice the notification banner letting you know that there is an Outlook Add-In available. Once you click on the “Get CRM for Outlook” button on the banner, you are greeted with an easy to follow two-step process to get started. Everything you need is laid out for you.

Step 1: Begin the download and installation which by clicking on the banner.

Step 2: Configure the add-in after installation with complete guidance from the configuration wizard.

With previous versions of this add-in, you were presented with a lengthy dialogue and many added steps to complete your configuration. But now only one field is shown where you may simply paste the URL that was provided for you from the web.

For CRM online deployments, the CRM online option will be auto selected so all you have to do is click “connect.” For advanced users, this input box will also accept discovery endpoint URLs, server URLs, and Organization endpoint URLs.

And just in case there are any issues during the configuration, Microsoft has introduced a new Dynamics Help Service that will allow for them to guide you through any issue with actionable feedback. On the bottom of any error message you may come across, there is a new link – “Help me resolve this issue” to be taken to a help resource written specifically for that particular error.

Get back some time and peace of mind as you install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Outlook Add-In.

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