Warehouse Management Efficiencies within Dynamics AX

At the heart of effective Supply Chain Management is an efficiently run warehouse, which is absolutely critical to success for distributors.

Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is one of the foundation pieces for our Distribution 20/20 solution, includes Advanced Warehouse Management capabilities within the ERP solution, so that you do not need to rely on external WMS systems or worry about integration errors when you are trying to streamline and automate your warehouse processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to achieve the following warehouse efficiencies:

  • Post a new Purchase Order that includes site specific information which then allows inventory management process automation to occur as soon as the order is marked complete
  • Create load plans for all supply and demand activities across the warehouse. The system notifies the site directly what is due to arrive or go out from the building
  • The simplified user interface for mobile/handheld devices makes it easier for your warehouse personnel to scan deliveries as they enter the building
  • Use license plates to easily identify inventory for movement in and around the warehouse
  • Actions within the warehouse can trigger workflow within the system to instigate further action from warehouse staff such as put-away procedures for multiple locations within the warehouse
  • Work items are pushed out of the system to warehouse staff automatically using the simplified interface for handhelds so that they can complete required tasks more quickly

See these Microsoft Dynamics AX warehouse efficiencies in action in this 3 minute video:

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