Aligning Your Growth Strategy with your IT Strategy

SBS Group Aligning GrowthIn today’s business environment, it might be difficult to name a single task or process that isn’t touched by technology; the right technology can enable growth and provide businessses a competitive advantage. The alignment of business and information technology (IT) strategies have helped organizations to create and improve efficiencies, reduce costs, enable major business initiatives, improve customer and partner relationships, and to create new products and business solutions.

With the importance that technology plays in helping organizations meet their objectives, it makes sense for the information technology plan and the overall strategic plan to be in alignment. Yet, many companies don’t think about information technology in strategic terms. They see it as a cost center – not something that needs strategic attention.

Our new whitepaper, Aligning Your Growth Strategy with Your IT Strategy, discusses why aligning your growth strategy with your IT strategy is so important. You will learn:

  • What businesses have to gain when they align their strategies
  • The negative imapcts of being misaligned
  • What’s necessary for strategy and IT alignment
  • Priority technologies for enabling growth in 2015

Download the paper today.

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