ERP Checklist: How Does Your Distribution System Measure Up?

Wholesale distribution, more so than any or industry segment, is caught in a profitability squeeze between suppliers and customers. As a result of accelerating complexity and competitive pressures, leading wholesale distributors are turning to ERP and other technology solutions to provide the insight they need to optimize their processes and control costs.

With market dynamics like these, it only makes sense to do a proactive thorough evaluation of your technology investments. You need to be confident that your systems have the capability to bridge the gap between business as usual and the trends you are seeing in the industry moving forward.

See if your system measures up when it comes to:

  • Business process integration and optimization
  • Inventory management and organization
  • Supplier and customer service

Download our new whitepaperHow Does Your Distribution System Measure Up?, which includes a checklist to help you analyze your current system’s capabilities and diagnose where you can make improvements that will have a positive effect on the bottom line.

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