3 Ways to Figure Out if Cloud ERP is Right for Your Distribution Business

You’ve certainly read and seen a lot of information about cloud based systems lately.

But, what exactly is a Cloud based ERP? And, is it the right fit for your distribution business?

Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems are offered by a wide range of providers from global to local companies. Essentially what they are offering is a centrally hosted software suite which supports the basics like Accounting and Procurement, but the software is installed in a data center with servers hosting multiple tenants (Clients) in a secure environment. The server security system keeps each company’s data separate and private, but since the infrastructure is shared the cost to each company is much lower than onsite systems.

This delivers the software to end users via the Internet anytime and anywhere Internet connectivity is available. A hosted ERP system is a service rather than a product.

Current Systems

Are you still using a standalone accounting software like QuickBooks and multiple spreadsheets to track and manage your day to day operations, financial data and customer service?

If so, your business is a perfect candidate for a fast and easy cloud based ERP implementation.

The primary benefit will be improved cash flow due to the low startup fees and monthly subscription costs. You’ll also gain the advantage of automation, reduced data entry and errors.

Have you limited your company’s growth because operating in other currencies and languages requires too much time consuming conversion and communication?

Right now, 40% of small to medium businesses report they have outgrown their current business management solution. If you recognize your business is part of that 40% keep reading!

IT Staffing and Costs

Are your onsite IT staff and equipment costs high and rising as your business grows? Would upgrading your systems require high capital expenditure your cash flow just can’t support right now?

A cloud based ERP system requires lower up front expenditures, and you can add users and functionality over times as needed by new business requirements.

All of the IT support, software upgrades and integration required is included by the provider. This can reduce your need for internal IT budget and staff.

Regulation Compliance

Do your legacy systems and spreadsheets support the latest tax laws and regulations for your industry?

If your staff tries to keep up with the latest changes and adjust your record keeping manually you can be almost certain that you are leaving your company open to legal problems, inadequate documentation or tax audits

A cloud based ERP is kept up to date with all laws, tax requirements and regulations by the provider in periodic software releases.

Are you leaving your business at risk for inefficiencies, non-compliance and missed opportunities?

Contact us today for a consultation on what is the best fit for your needs and download our Cloud Deployment EBook here.

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