CRM 2015 Tablet Enhancements That Help to Make Your Work Experience Even Better

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As you and your team continue to expand your business with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you may often find yourself doing a lot more work outside of the office. Tablets are great for work on the go, but what happens when you are in an environment where internet is limited, or your favorite familiar web version of your dashboard is locked?

With the release of the newly updated tablet app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, there are two main enhancements that work to help you overcome those obstacles when you are working on the go.

Unlocked familiar, custom dashboards from the web version to enable Mobile Analytics     

With Dynamics CRM 2015, you will no longer be locked into a single dashboard in the CRM for Tablets app. All dashboards have all been made available for you and your sales team to use right on your tablets.

A new start experience has been created called, “Home.” Home is where your pins live right beside whatever dashboard you want to set as home. This means you can take your analytics on the go and keep your familiar home dashboard as your starting point for the day no matter what device you are using.

To enable a dashboard for use on the tablet application, simply navigate to the CRM dashboard on the web, click edit, click properties, and click the enable for tablets checkbox.

After upgrading your CRM for tablets app, you may notice that there is a new item in your navigational map – Dashboards. You can tap the Dashboard button to view your module’s default dashboards that are enabled.

Switch to any tablet enabled dashboard by swiping up to reveal the command bar at the bottom of your screen, and taping on “Change Dashboard.” You can tap “Save as Home” if this is your favorite dashboard and save it as your home dashboard.

You may also notice, that the “Pin to Dashboard” button has been relabeled as “Pin to Home” because you are now pinning records to your home screen, not to any particular dashboard.

Work in a disconnected environment in Dynamics CRM 2015 on your tablet

As rare as it may be these days, sometimes you may end up in an area where an internet connection is limited to not existent. New capabilities have been added to the CRM app to allow you to continue working, even in a disconnected environment. Users can now create records without an internet connection. These records are saved as drafts locally to your tablet, and once you’ve reconnected to the internet you are able to review these drafts and then save them to Dynamics CRM.

Look-up fields are the only limitation to this new capability. This means that you can create any new record offline, as long as it does not require more than one look-up field. Those records that require a look-up field must be created from a regarding record so that it can be auto populated.

See the Dynamics CRM tablet enhancements in action in this video.

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