New Features for All in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Many new and exciting enhancements have been added to GP 2015. Here are 4 key system wide enhancements that will help you to improve your business processes:

Service Based Architecture:

This feature enables GP and ISV products to expose and consume services. This supports new and existing scenarios around cloud based interaction. It also provides the developer with the ability to access all sanscript based functionality within core or third party dictionaries. Developers can utilize pre-built operations or create their own. This feature offers flexible deployment options as well as the same installation as the web client.

Identity Management:

This will allow users to easily authenticate web users in the Cloud with Azure Active Directory using an organizational account. GP users will have the ability to login to the GP Web Client hosted on the Cloud with the same credentials they use to login to other Cloud applications.

Copy Home Page Settings:

This feature allows an administrator to copy home page roles, home page content and area page settings from one user to another. This greatly helps to speed up the user setup process.

Self Service:

The new features available to employee self-service are employee profile, paystubs, W4, benefits, direct deposit, skills & training and project expense. Also, a lower-cost self-service user license type will be introduced for users who need only very light functionality within Dynamics GP. The new user type will not be implemented or enforced in GP until later.

Hear about these new features from a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Technical Consultant:

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