How Cloud ERP Can Be Your Help for the Holidays

GP-to-Cloud-SidebarGearing up for the holiday rush means different things for every business. Whether you plan to add headcount, extend your hours, drive donations for your not-for-profit, increase your output, offer discounts, or push to close new business before the end of the calendar year, you and your business systems need to be operating at your peak of capacity in order to meet your goals.

One way to ensure that your business management systems are able to meet your holiday needs is by leveraging a Cloud ERP system.

If you’ve heard anything about Cloud ERP software, you probably know that one of the benefits of going with an ERP system deployed in the cloud is that it is scalable. We often talk about how having a Cloud ERP system lets you add users easily as your business grows. However, unlike a tradition on-premise deployment where you purchase software licenses, a Cloud ERP user license is paid for on a monthly, per-user basis.

That means that you can add Cloud ERP users to help you through the holiday season and only pay for the few months that you need them. When you get back to “business as usual” in January, so does your user-count.

As a Cloud ERP provider, we have been able to scale out server space and users for large volume times of year like Black Friday and tax season and then bring it back down to normal operating levels. We have also found this strategy extremely helpful for not-for-profit organizations that need additional capacity for major fundraising events, but cannot absorb the added cost long term.

If you are interested in getting help for the holidays in the form of an easy to deploy and scale Cloud ERP solution, get a quote today!

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