Why Should You Mobilize Your BI Forces?

Mobile BIAs a business decision maker, you may often find yourself facing more and more challenges when it comes to turning all of the data available to you into usable information from which you can make decisions in a condensed time frame. This becomes especially difficult to deal with when your team is not centralized in one location, hindering collaboration. One way to help support your decisions when these issues arise is with the use of Mobile BI. Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology solution where your critical business information is delivered to, or rendered on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, making it accessible to virtually anyone, at any time, and anywhere. There are many reasons why your organization should adopt mobile BI solutions. According to recent Aberdeen Group research, here are some of the benefits that mobile BI can bring and what sets apart a business leader in mobile BI.

Mobile BI users are more likely to discover and act on their findings before the information becomes useless. Even though companies who are working with BI have a shorter decision window to work with, they are more likely to get important and useful information within that time frame. Equip your workforce so that even when they are away from the office, they have the tools they need when they need it.Mobile BIMobile BI has analytical capabilities that can work within the pervasiveness of today’s business environment. Mobile BI users have up to a 40% stronger use of analytics within departments such as corporate management, marketing, finance, and sales. The effect of this means that these users are able to magnify the effect of analytics to the greater organization and drive a deeper message across more roles.

Defining leaders in mobile BI – Leaders in mobile BI are 42% more satisfied with access to key data; 93% of their workforce has access to analytics compared to 47% for non-leaders; and after having implemented mobile BI, 82% more said their decision speed greatly improved compared to only 55% of non-leaders.

Mobile BI

Mobile BI leaders are able to break down barriers that make it difficult to access information across business functions. Supporting cross-functional data collaboration is one of the top strategies for business leaders to create meaningful data and increase efficiency in decision making throughout the entire organization. With access to all of this information, it is also important to know how to prioritize the flow of data and empower different areas with overlapped analytical capabilities.

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