Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Dashboards and Office 365

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2, there is new collaboration with Office 365 and there are new dashboards that are easier to share with Office 365.


In the financial dashboard that is available, you will notice that there is a date scale here where you can actually move and highlight different periods and it will redraw those graphics and numbers automatically for you so that information is tied right in to your Dynamics GP data.

These new dashboards do not require that you are using Office 365. They are just enhanced and they are more easily shared using that.

For years we have been preaching the importance of making sure that once the data is in your system you are able to get it out in a functional way and we’ve even had sessions in some of our events where we have talked about making sure that you know what reporting tools are available to you but these are actually excel reports that are available and they are out of the box. You certainly have the ability to build beyond this, but this takes advantage of the Office Suite in a very nice way.

Along with the financial dashboard, you will also find a purchasing, sales and inventory dashboard are included in R2.

To get this dashboarding functionality and integration with Office 365 in your own instance of Dynamics GP! Request an upgrade today!

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