Tips for Distribution Sales Managers to Get Out of Your Rut

You are a master Distribution Sales Manager and you know all of the basics sales and marketing strategies. But yet, you are still not seeing any growth within your company. Why is that? It is time to start looking outside of the norm when it comes to distribution selling. Here are three “old fashioned” distribution selling techniques and how they can be updated if you ever want to break out of your selling rut into new growth.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of traditional media– As you may guess, social media is the newest, and most powerful way to reach your customers, right? Yes and no. Of course it is cheap and you have the ability to connect with your consumers on a unique and personal level, but you still need to remember the power of traditional forms of media like direct mail. With traditional direct marketing, you have a better look into how it ties back to your brand advertising and the cost and results can be more easily measured.
  2. Don’t waste your time or the buyer’s time cold calling – At some point or another, all experienced salespeople have had to do their share of cold calling. And we all know that is it difficult to get these buyers to buy into your brand and service without knowing anything about you. Try to avoid going into a sales call without a positive customer referral, without reaching out to the company through a trusted business networking site such as LinkedIn, or without knowing what the company does and will expect from you. It is time to adopt new “neuromarketing” campaigns which means that you need develop a specific pitch for each individual customers.
  3. Don’t rely on brand advertising alone to keep people familiar with your company – It is important to explore new ways of brand recognition. This goes along with the idea of advertising a brand solely off just putting a company name on a truck.

If you struggle to achieve new growth within your distribution company, then it is time for you and your team to make a commitment to adopting new strategies

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