Content is King – Get the Keys to the Kingdom with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

As you and your marketing team may have already figured out, traditional ways of marketing are not as effective as they used to be. It is time to start taking on new and more tailored content marketing strategies. But because there are so many ways to communicate with consumers today, how do companies develop content and distribute it across all channels without losing focus? The answer is simple, integrated marketing management provided by Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing creates a simplified platform for you to easily create marketing content and allows for greater performance across multiple campaigns and channels. Take a look at this example of how content marketing is simplified and made more efficient by Dynamics Marketing through the distribution of a whitepaper.

  1. Design, develop, and review the latest drafts of whitepapers
  2. See the status of other jobs associated with your marketing campaigns
  3. View up-to-the-minute comments and edits from your team
  4. Once the whitepaper has been approved, you can go into social media view and write a message to pose that can be reviewed and approved prior to posting
  5. Schedule the release of the whitepaper to occur at a later time or immediately
  6. You can send emails to your contacts to announce the new whitepaper posting and track the email performance over time with easy to read charts and stats
  7. Companies who are interested in the whitepaper fill out their information and are recorded and tracked as leads
  8. You can track how often the whitepaper is being used and downloaded by customers and others within your company

This is just one example of how Microsoft Dynamics Marketing can save you time while helping you to reach your consumers on a more personal, effective level. Having the right marketing content can help you to become the king in your industry, and Microsoft Dynamics is the key to your kingdom.

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