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It is not uncommon for sales reps to struggle when it comes to finding and presenting sales literature to clients or the status of an order. Streamlining your document management, order processing, and item requests are critical when it comes to being a successful business with strong customer relationships. Integrating CRM or GP systems with SharePoint creates the platform you need to manage your documents and get item requests approved by a sales manager in a timely and controlled manner. There are many ways that SharePoint can allow you to create a better CRM and GP environment so you can connect your system and users with the information they need.

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Connecting CRM and SharePoint – A Better Way to Manage Your Documents

Instead of managing your important sales documents with a simple file share with multiple layers of folders, redundant documents, no way to search, uncontrolled altering, and no definition on who needs to get what information when, you can easily manage your documents in CRM through SharePoint. You can set up a connection between CRM and SharePoint called Document Management.

As you are creating a customer profile within CRM, an automatic template with sales literature is created based on that client’s level of interest and previous purchases including automatic thank you emails. These documents are uploaded into SharePoint and labeled according to how you want them to correspond to your products or services available in CRM. There is a manager controlled template area in SharePoint where these documents are uploaded and approved by the sales manager.

Documents in are easily searchable in both CRM and SharePoint by name or product line for easy access. When the documents are pulled into the customer profile in CRM, you have complete control to add or remove any documents within CRM. And because CRM and SharePoint are so well integrated, any updates you make to a document in SharePoint will be automatically applied to the same document in CRM.

Connecting GP and SharePoint – Get a Complete Visual on Your Order Request and Processing

When you have multiple teams that all have different ways of controlling item requests, it is hard to get an overall visual of the entire process. This tends to make it hard for sales to present clients with a certain item and then to let that client know where their order is in the process of manufacturing and delivery. Without a centralized system in place, you lose your ability to create an accurate timetable, escalation process, or even accurate awareness of what point in the process an item is in.

With GP item request integration into SharePoint, you can create an item in SharePoint that will then show up in your GP system for easy tracking.   Items can be tracked and sorted by product information including product type, weight, cost, sales tax, and parts.

Employees can make a workflow request when building new products in the system. Every item that is created in SharePoint is sent to a manager for approval through Outlook. This feature allows for the manager to approve, reject, or request changes directly from Outlook without the need to go into SharePoint and open up the item there. That employee is then automatically informed through email about the approval and they can continue to update the item. Each approved item is then created in GP for easy tracking.

Read this whitepaper on the benefits of integrated SharePoint.

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