CustomerSource Opens Up

Beginning Monday, September 8th, Microsoft will be updating CustomerSource with free content. Not all content will be free, but all Dynamics customers will have completely free access to about “…½ of the content in CustomerSource.” The rest of the content will still require a login through a customer service plan.

Microsoft has clearly defined the content between free and secure information. The free content will include product documentation, product news, how-to videos, knowledgebase articles, fact sheets, and white papers. The secure content will include full product installs, service packs, tax updates, training courses, and training course materials. Access to that information will require a BREP, SA or similar plan.

When the new CustomerSource structure launches, anyone should be able to visit the CustomerSource website without restriction. Anything deemed ‘secure’ will require a login. Most of the unrestricted content should be available on the website or a basic Google/Bing search and you can expect that content to include teasers for the protected content.

You can learn more about navigating CustomerSource here


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