Why Cloud Business Solutions Are Becoming More Popular

The Cloud is one of the most talked about technology resources. But what are Cloud solutions for businesses and what makes them so beneficial? The cloud is where successful business host their digital data and apply mobile, social and big data solutions to centralize and turn data into useful insight. With the endless applications available through the cloud, there are many reasons why adopting cloud technologies might be the perfect business solution your organization is looking for. Here are the top 6 reasons why cloud business solutions have become popular among many successful businesses:

  • Rapid Deployment – Before the cloud, it took weeks to order hardware/physical servers, receive it, go to the data center to install the servers, test to make sure it worked properly with customer requirements, and deploy customer environments. Today, all of this can be done in just a few hours through the use of virtual machines and downloads via the internet.
  • More Services Available Via the Cloud – The amount of features and options available with the cloud are limitless. Some of the service that are available include: accounting applications, CRM, online banking, school registrations, Office365, Payroll/HR/Benefits, storage/backup, phone systems, music storage/sharing, photo storage/sharing, and much more.
  • More Services Have Per User Per Month Pricing – You can easily predict on-going software/hardware expenses because of the easy to use budgeting features. Within the cloud, you can always access to the most up-to-date versions of your software. Cloud solutions adapt and change with your business. You can easily add or remove users without the hassle of paying large upfront software/hardware user fees upfront. Adjust the amount of users on your system during different times of the year to better fit with your needs and save you money.
  • Clients Researching and Educating Themselves – Because there is such an abundance of information that is so easily available on the internet, clients are educating themselves on different business processes so they have more confidence in working with the cloud. Having educational resources online can give you and your clients a guideline for dealing with day-to-day issues so you can all put your concerns to rest. Clients are much more likely to be using the cloud in their personal lives as well which makes them more comfortable with the concept.
  • Resources and Maintenance – Being on the cloud requires less dedication from IT resources needed for specific applications. This helps to lessen the burden on your IT staff and reduce training costs. Certifications that are required for the Cloud team can be obtained. The cloud proactively monitors the servers so you can feel safe.
  • get-a-quoteCompliance – When it comes time for auditing, you can rely on your Cloud provider to give you all the details for expensive audits. You and your own people don’t have to spend as much time being involved in the process and you can know that it is being taken care of safe and effectively. You can also rely on your provider to keep you compliant on licensing.

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