How Integrated ERP & CRM Can Benefit Your Business

Integration-WhitepaperIntegrating ERP and CRM systems allow you to access your back-office and front-office data in one centralized location. If you have multiple systems, it can be a challenge to get complete, consistent data that you need to confidently make business decisions. This software is designed to integrate and streamline your organizational processes from sales order processing to cash collection. Reduce the manual data transferring process that is involved when using two or more non-integrated systems. Explore the many ways that integrating ERP and CRM software can add value to your business and accelerate your success.

Value of an Integrated System:

  • Streamlines business operations – eliminate redundant information and reduce non-value-add activities
  • Easily adapt to change – flexibility to change business processes as your needs evolve, and best practices are incorporated into your business operations
  • Increase time to market – Align your customer’s needs with operations more quickly and effectively execute your marketing against customer demands.
  • Respond faster to customer demands – improve forecasting bases on up-to-date consumer patterns, more efficiently execute against forecast plans, and manage communication more efficiently.
  • Share accurate information between front and back-office processes in real-time – Link customer information to sales history and order status to prioritize your efforts, and gain more access to real-time product and customer information.
  • Stay ahead of your competition – gain a competitive advantage with modern technology and processes, respond to customer needs more effectively, and keep better track of KPIs.

Accelerating Business Success

  • Business integration – This is not just a benefit directly to your business and employees, but it is also a great benefit to your customers. Because you will have a 360 degree view into all customer data across front and back office, you can better cater to their needs and prioritize your efforts towards different customers. Integration with Microsoft Outlook increases your productivity within the system and improves your time management. You can also easily track social media which has become an essential part of becoming a successful business in today’s social world.
  • Communication Management – There are countless ways to communicate with customer and other employees. This systems keeps everyone on the same page, making it much easier to communicate. Keep track of previous conversations that are saved to make future conversations much smoother. Whether you are an office worker, remote, internet user, or a mobile user, you can always remain connected.
  • Accelerated Marketing Success – Recognize and analyze buying patterns, sustainable target markets, and customer purchasing behaviors. You can execute multi-channel marketing campaigns easily while still retaining a consistent message and voice. Integrated ERP and CRM allows for more accurate measurement of your marketing ROI so you can cut costs and improve your processes.
  • Boosted business productivity – as stated earlier, with an integrated system you can achieve greatly improved communication across all departments in your organization. This empowers your staff to work together and boost productivity. There is greater accuracy achieved when ordering products, automate your collection process, and also track KPIs.

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