SalesPad Panels Recap

Rob Brown, SBS Group Dynamics GP Consultant

I recently had the opportunity to attend the first ever SalesPad partner and client event, called Panels. The event was in Grand Rapids, Michigan where SalesPad is headquartered. It was an excellent event with about 100 clients and 50 partners in attendance. SalesPad announced a number of exciting new enhancements to their already extensive product portfolio over the coming months.

As always SalesPad never stops pushing the value proposition on their core product, adding a tremendous amount of new functionality on a regular basis. Some of the new enhancements to SalesPad GP, which were just released or scheduled for release before the end of 2014, include a powerful new dashboard tool, enhanced CRM functionality with contact and opportunity management and GP manufacturing integration including a Sales Configurator currently not available in Dynamics GP.

In addition to the core product offerings, SalesPad is completely redesigning their Shipping and Logistics management application. I am really excited about the Ship Manager product, as it breaks the tie to the now aging desktop applications, such as FedEx Ship Manager and UPS WorldShip. It is a web service based product which will additionally integrate with Freight and LTL carriers. The product will also help automate the pick, pack, ship process by adding functionality around the packaging of goods prior to shipment.

Finally, SalesPad will be introducing a new Business to Business (B2B) style web portal which will initially provide support for Customer Management, Order Entry and for those of you familiar with the core product, the ability to view the Sales Monitor. I see this product really taking off over the next few years.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at some of the new features in our next issue of the newsletter.

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