Key New Features of Dynamics GP 2013 R2

Rob Brown, SBS Group Dynamics GP Consultant

The most recent release of Dynamics GP occurred in June of this year and with it came a number of exciting new features. While I can’t cover all of them in one article, SBS Group will be hosting our Annual Client Summit events where you will have the opportunity to see some of the new features of Dynamics GP 2013 R2 in action.

In today’s article I will be focusing on a key user interface change and one of my favorite new features. We will take a look at changes to the desktop interface and Document Attachment enhancements.

User Interface Changes

The first big change in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 is the overall design of windows in the application. When Microsoft first introduced the web client with GP 2013 one of the goals was to keep the user experience between the web and desktop clients as consistent as possible. One area where that differed was the use of Microsoft Office style ribbons on the various card, transaction and inquiry windows. With the R2 release the user experience from either access method is identical since the Ribbon is now present in the desktop application. While I personally like the new design and believe it freshens up the user interface significantly, Microsoft has provided some flexibility in this department allowing users to select from a few options using the User Preferences window. By selecting the Window Command Display option you have the ability to control how each window displays: Action Pane, Action Pane Strip or Menu Bar (Classic). Here is a summary of all of the window changes. Screenshots of the User Preferences window and the 2 new menu styles are provided below.

1. You will now see the name of the company database and the user that is logged into GP in the Title Bar of any Window that you open within GP.

2. The File/Edit/Tools…etc menus have been placed in the ribbon.

3. The Holds, User_Defined, Distributions and Commissions buttons that used to exist at the bottom of the Window now exist in the Ribbon.

4. You will also see that the Windows Note, Help, OK and Cancel…etc buttons are located in the Ribbon in the Windows that contain them.

5. If you are looking to tab through the buttons on the Ribbon, they will come after the last field in the Window.


User Preferences
User Preferences


Action Pane
Action Pane


Action Pane Strip
Action Pane Strip

Document Attachment Enhancements

Document Attachment or Doc Attach was first introduced with GP 2013. Each new service pack or release has continued to improve this feature and GP 2013 R2 is no exception. Any time I have demonstrated this feature for our clients the first question is always “Can I attach a document to an Accounts Payable transaction?” I am pleased to say that it is finally available with the R2 release. The ability to attach documents to the AP transaction window allows you to attach a copy of a vendor invoice directly to the transaction providing a simple paperless method for storing those documents.

In addition to being able to attach a document from a file already stored electronically on your computer or a network share, you can now scan directly into the GP via a Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) enabled scanner. In the screenshot below the scan button is greyed out but would be visible if a compatible scanner was attached.

Rob - Doc Attachment


Finally, there is now a utility available for download (requires CustomerSource account) which will migrate any attachments that are currently stored in OLE Notes containers. The OLE Note attachment feature was always a little error prone especially when upgrading to a new server. This utility will help move those legacy attachments into the Document Attachment window and storing them safely in the database rather than on the windows file system. You will still have the ability to use OLE Notes containers but I would definitely recommend reviewing this option as it is much more functionality and less prone to lost files.


These are just a few of the new features available with the GP 2013R2 release. Take a look at our Microsoft Dynamics GP media center or contact us for more information.


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