Make Your Sales Numbers With Social Selling

Get the Make Your Numbers ReportBuying behavior is changing so your sales behaviors need to change along with it in order for you to keep up and continue to make your sales numbers.

In a recent study by The Sales Executive Council and Sales Benchmark Index revealed that a typical customer will complete 57-69% of their buying process before ever even contacting a supplier.   On the flip side, sales leaders who have adapted their strategies to respond to these more educated buysers have been found to have a 67% chance of success.

One important element to matching the new buying process is to develop a modern Social Selling mythology. Buyers are no longer responding to traditional prospecting methods so it is important to understand the ways in which they want to be communicated. As your sales team learns to effectively use social media, they will be able to generate meetings with key decision makers within your target audience.

There are three suggested steps to get started on your way to Social Selling Excellence:

Social Selling


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