4 Keys to Building a Stellar Sales Team

In 2001, Cahners Research determined the average cost of a B2B personal sales call was $329, or about $440 in 2014. With the costs of managing a sales team continuing to rise, it is crucial to ensure time isn’t wasted on inefficient staff or practices. Here are 5 ways to help build a stellar sales team:

1. Invigorate the Sales Staff: The sales team needs to be motivated. Those bad days can quickly build into long droughts of frustration and stress. Keeping the environment relaxed, but competitive, will help ease those droughts and prolong periods of success. The best way to keep employees motivated is to ensure they find value in the products or services offered. When they believe in the organization and the products, the sales team turns into advocates. The best people to sell a product are the most loyal customers. Of course, you can’t just begin to blindly sell without…

2. Keeping the Sales Process Organized: All organizations have individualized sales plans, based on sales history, industry cycles, and available resources. Every procedure needs to simplify the sales process and make sense to the staff. New employees will understand the benefits of automation software, but will they understand the value of tedious database maintenance? Training on company policy and process is as important as product/service training. A cohesive sales team is critical, especially when it comes to

3.  Activity Management: With the role of the traditional “salesman” long gone, more responsibility falls on the team to act as subject matter experts, customer relationship managers, and sales educators. With a cohesive team in place and a clear sales process, executing the daily and long-term sales responsibilities become much easier. That tedious database management will help to provide lead scores, which can drive new opportunity identification. Automated workflows that provide maintenance reminders and client anniversary dates help keep the team ahead of schedule to provide excellent customer service. With all of these activities taking place more time needs to be spent on…

4. Accurate Reporting: Managing goals and activities need to be accurately reported to ensure the sales team is effective and those $440 sales calls are working toward closing deals. Through customizable dashboards, managers can easily track pipeline progress and utilization. When the sales team can view their challenges and successes, it makes it easier for managers to figure out where additional training is needed and what strategies are working. With easy evaluations, managers can focus on making necessary changes to…

Invigorate the Sales Staff

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