Make Your Sales Numbers with New “A” Players

According to the Sales Benchmark Index’s annual report, typical customers will progress through 57-69% of their buying process before making an initial contact with their supplier. As a result, this modern buying mentality is redefining selling process.

In order to stay competitive and continue to close sales, you need to embrace this mentality and adapt your processes to meet the new needs of your customers.  Sales leaders who have adopted new strategies are proven to have a 67% better rate of success compared to those who are still trying to make outdated sales tactics work.

An important element of matching the new buying process is to develop your new “A” player. This is a new breed of sales reps that are equipped to sell to your modern buyers. It is all about developing sales reps who understand and can work in the way that buyers want to buy.

The buying landscape has changed. Buyers have unlimited access to information and have the choice to only communicate the ways that is most convenient to them.   There are 10 Sales Competencies that help define what it takes to be an “A” player in a modern world. It is important to have a benchmark for your sales team so you can identify gaps in abilities and skills, understand strengths and weaknesses, and analyze using objective data. Each competency is rated on a scale of 1-6 with one or two being a “C” player, three or four being a “B” player, and five or six being an ideal “A” player.

The individual competencies and their definitions are as follows:

  1. Social Personal Branding – The ability to create and maintain a digital brand that portrays proficiency in your industry
  2. Social Reach – The ability to strengthen one’s brand through growing a volume of the right relationships
  3. Social Referral Generation – The ability to get warm introductions to decision makers
  4. Social Prospecting – The ability to gather and act upon account information
  5. Buyer Processing Map Recognition – The ability to identify where a buyer falls within the buying process            
  6. Sales Process ExecutionThe ability to interact with a buyer in the way that they want to buy
  7. Technology ProficiencyThe ability to interact with and leverage current technology
  8. Insight Generation – The ability to create new demand by being proactive about introducing new accounts
  9. Content Production– The ability to create and nurture valuable lead generating content and apply it to social media platforms           
  10. Lead Management – The ability to receive and understand leads from other departments that can convert into opportunities



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