4 Signs You Can Have a Rapid ERP Implementation

The traditional method of implementing ERP software can be slow and costly. Many organizations tie up their employees in the implementation process, taking them away from their normal responsibilities and delaying the return on investment (ROI) they need. One solution to this quagmire is to utilize a rapid implementation package. What follows are four signs that your ERP partner can provide you with a rapid ERP implementation.


  1. Implementation templates – When a solution has been designed and packaged to make the implementation easier, you can accomplish your goals faster. Implementation templates are easier to understand and more efficient. Organizations with rapid implementation packages are twice as likely to use it.
  2. Centralized project map and timeline for implementation process – You might have heard the expression that everyone needs to be on the same page. In some cases, that can be literal. A centralized project map for the implementation team to reference ensures that everyone understands the plan and sees where they fit into it. Organizations with rapid implementation are 55 percent more likely to have a centralized project map.
  3. Pre-defined best practice workflows – Organizations that use rapid implementation packages are 2.16 times as likely to use pre-defined best practice workflows over customized workflows that cater to their existing processes.
  4. Pre-configured dashboards for users – They are three times as likely to use pre-configured dashboards. Along with pre-defined workflows, these work because rapid implementation practices are already tailored for specific types of businesses. This means they require less customization than typical one-size-fits-all ERP packages.


The proof that rapid ERP implementation packages work is in the numbers. Companies that used them went live with their ERP systems 20 percent faster than organizations that did not. They also achieved ROI 25 percent faster. Rapid implementation of ERP is undoubtedly a method that can help many organizations achieve ROI faster and enjoy long-term success.

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