Tech-Savvy Traits of Leading Businesses

Lessons on Technology and Growth InfographicRecently, around 4,000 small to midsized business (SMBs) decision makers were surveyed by the Boston Consulting Group. They found that revenue and job growth are consistent across gender, industry, and location. But what was the fuel behind all this growth? Take some time to look at how innovative technology propelled these other SMBs to new growth and a better bottom line.

Tech-Savvy SMBs

Compared to SMBs who used less advanced technology, the following statistics were found for more tech-savvy SMBs:

  • Revenue grew about 15% faster
  • Jobs grew by 2%
  • 95% use Office products
  • 6X more likely to have international customers
  • Nearly 20% in emerging markets have international employees
  • 2 out of 3 say that new technologies will continue to fuel their growth and profits
  • 2X as many are innovative thanks to technology advancements

Leap Ahead in the Cloud

Microsoft Cloud Services helps businesses of all sizes meet goals, provides insight, and drives productivity to meet your dynamic needs in a world where technology never stops changing. For those SMBs who adopted Microsoft Cloud Services, revenue grew 10 percentage points faster and job growth was 5 percentage points higher than those who did not.

Get the ReportThe Value of Partnership

Microsoft remains the top choice of tech-savvy small businesses. Socius is an award winning Microsoft partner who, for 30 years, has been working to fuel our clients’ transformation and growth through specialized expertise, innovative technology, and strategic partnerships. Here at Socius, we have been watching SMB leaders achieve what they never thought was possible.

Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of Microsoft products and other innovative technologies that meet your unique business needs.

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