Get to Know Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Marketing is changing and getting more involved than it ever has been before. Marketers must engage with customers in new ways, deliver amazing experiences, and help customers along their journey, all while tracking and making sense of the results.

The new Microsoft Dynamics Marketing tool, which was released on June 5th, enables companies to engage customers across channels, build connections, and demonstrate the impact of their marketing strategies from start to finish all during real time. Marketers are able to nurture, manage, and score leads to better generate revenue and gain a more factual view of marketing ROI.

There are 5 main functional areas of the new Microsoft Dynamics Marketing tool:

Content: Content marketing is the future of marketing automation. The trouble is coming up with all of the marketing assets to send out and publish. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing allows for greater insight into marketing content, campaigns and channels. With CRM, you are able to easily move from idea to creative to copy to publishing smoother and more efficiently.
Integrated Marketing Management: In today’s digital world, how do you effectively manage customer relationships across endless channels? Integrated marketing management (IMM) is a solution that provides insight into ROMI and campaign performance. With IMM, you are able to automate activities and get consolidated views of all aspects of campaigns. Easy to use and understand results of emails and other digital outlets are generated in real time.<iframe “width=”250″ height=”188″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen”>
Job Management: Another challenge today is finding the most efficient way for a team to maximize their ability to share information of a job and work together to complete it. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing utilizes a system-based management approach, productivity metric, and workflow measurements to increase the efficiency of your entire marketing function. Integrated resource management maximizes collaboration and productivity of your team.
Spend Management & Budgeting: With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, your marketing team can easily control spending and gain a better insight into marketing budgets and ROMI than ever before. Make results driven expense decisions with more confidence because you will have one convenient place to see and understand ROMI of all campaigns.
Media Planning & Buying: Do you ever need an easier way to compare and consolidate media buying? With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, you can easily put together comprehensive, robust process automation that allows our business to plan, compare, and combine media buying. This allows your marketing team to gain the most from the limited media budgets while also streamlining the media buying and creative development processes.

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