Why You Should Upgrade from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP

For a small startup, Quickbooks is often an affordable and reasonable solution for accounting. As your business grows, however, you might find yourself constrained by its limitations. You will need better reporting, more highly integrated data throughout your business and better compliance with government and industry regulations. Moreover, you might find that it is technically inefficient when larger numbers of personnel are using it. When you reach this point, it is definitely time to consider making the move to ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, and Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great option.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a plethora of advantages over Quickbooks, including:

  1. Integration with your current systems and business applications
  2. High scalability that allows you to seamlessly move from tens to hundreds of users as your business grows
  3. Superior customization based on roles and processes within your business
  4. Better security to ensure that only the right people can access the information they need
  5. Better functionality to answer more of your business needs beyond accounting
  6. Higher business intelligence that provides insight into your business processes and your growth
  7. Greater return on investment (ROI) to ensure you get the most for your money.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you expand your business and also grow with it as your company matures. Its flexibility, integration with familiar business applications and scalability make it ideal for small and medium businesses in a wide range of industries. For a visual glimpse at improving your business with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can view and download the infographic: Grow Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics

If you are considering an upgrade from Quickbooks, get a copy of the “Grow Your Business With Confidence” Guide here.

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