AXUG Webinar on Simplifying EDI Integration for…

Learn #EDI trends and #EDI Made Simple at #AXUG Microsoft Dynamics AX Webinar

AXUG Webinar on Simplifying EDI Integration for…

Most EDI providers can easily address your typical EDI scenarios, but when pressed to support your more complex business needs and technology requirements, can they deliver? Too often EDI users uncover a provider’s limitations too late, leaving you to manage the risky impact on your business. Data Masons’ EDI Made Simple approach avoids the pitfalls of more traditional EDI integration models by providing a truly-integrated, fully-automated EDI solution that’s ready Day One for the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX releases. Join this session to: Learn the latest EDI trends that are driving customers to adopt an innovative technology model that eliminates inconveniences and streamlines EDI integration and compliance requirements. Understand…Read More

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