6 Goals You Can Achieve with Mobile CRM

CRM-Mobile-InfographicEveryone wants to grow their business – that’s a given.  However, when you are setting your organizational goals, they need to align with a strategy that will help you achieve them.

One new strategy that more and more businesses are leveraging to reach their goals is the adoption of a Mobile CRM solution.  Mobile CRM has been proven to help organizations attain goals including:

  • Increasing average sales by 20%
  • Lowering the cost of sales by 15%
  • Reducing billing lag time by 30%
  • Achieving 90% key field completion in customer records
  • Increasing the average number of service calls per week by 15%
  • Delivering 100% real time data to managers

To learn how to achieve these results with Mobile CRM solutions:


Check out our “Six Strategic Advantages of Mobile CRM” infographic

Get a free copy of our white paper: “Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM”

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