Planning your Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade

With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 now available, many Dynamics AX users are facing the decision of how to implement the new release. Whether you’re planning a technical or complete upgrade, our Dynamics AX team put together a methodology and best practice review to help guide users toward an efficient upgrade.

Determining what type of upgrade you will need is simply based on your current Dynamics AX version. Anyone not yet running AX 2012 will have to utilize a Source-to-Target, or Complete upgrade. For all users already on Dynamics AX 2012, you will need to complete an In-Place, or Technical upgrade. Obviously, a complete Dynamics AX upgrade will require a few more resources:

AX Upgrade Type

For more details on the methodology and best practices for your Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade, you can view the full presentation here.

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