Working Toward a Spring Recovery

If you’re working on recovering from these past winter disasters, you’re not alone. The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) has reported that the “…snowfall and prolonged extreme cold throughout many parts of the United States, have resulted in insured losses from winter storms of more than $1.5 billion…” as of the February 24th report. The statistics are reported from January 1st, which only includes two of the four large winter storms during the 2013-2014 winter. The $1.5 billion is spread over 175,000 insurance claims throughout the United States.

While none of the four big storms this winter registered financially on the Top Ten Winter Storm and Winter Damage Events in the US & Canada the timing and volume of the winter storms severely disrupted many organizations. Since 1993, the annual average of insured losses from winter storms has been $1.4 billion, which was matched in just 7+ weeks. A survey of Wall Street strategists estimated the harsh winter conditions may have cost the United States roughly $50 billion and 76,000 jobs.

In the wake of the wintry disasters, the SearchServerVirtualization Advisory Board’s monthly member forum was all about disaster recovery options. The main purpose of the article is all about protecting your virtual environment. Products are becoming more complex as mountains of data continue to pile on. These investments need to be protected, and the disaster recovery options continue to grow. Choosing the right environment and implementing the right system may seem like a complex and time consuming tasks. SBS Group is teaming up with StorageCraft to help organizations keep their data and products secure. You can learn more tomorrow, April 2nd at 1pm as we help educate organizations on the right disaster recovery environment.

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