How an ERP System Grows with a Professional Services Organization

One of the things that we talk about a lot is the importance of selecting an ERP system that not only supports your business growth, but also grows with your business. We toss around words like “flexible” and “agile” to describe these types of solutions.  However, when you are searching for a new business management solution for your professional services organization that will help you reach your short-term and long-term growth goals, you should focus on more specific ERP software capabilities, including:

Easy to Integrate – As your business grows, your needs will undoubtedly change.  That’s why it is absolutely critical that your ERP solution integrates easily with other systems and solutions.  This will enable you to add outside functionality, seamlessly connect your client and vendor information for faster and easier processing, and add new systems if your business grows through acquisition.

Multi-Company/Multi-Entity Management – Even if you only have a single entity today, you never know what the future may hold.  By selecting a solution that has multi-company management and multi-entity management capabilities, you are all set for an easy transition should you grow by acquisition or spin-off a division down the road.

Platform – The platform that your solution is built on plays a big role in how your ERP solution will interact with other applications that your people use every day.  Make sure you are considering how your system works with current technology and also how forward-facing the platform is to ensure you won’t get locked into a “legacy” system in the future.

Track Record and Roadmap – If you are looking for a solution that is going to grow with you, it doesn’t hurt to have proof that it has grown with organizations like yours in the past.  However, as you are focused on your future growth, you also need to make sure that your software vendor is committed to the growth of the solution.  Find out what the system’s roadmap is and make sure that it aligns with yours.

A great example of an ERP solution that fulfills these four qualifications for growth and has proven its capabilities in the professional services market is Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In the video below, The Sheakley Group explains how they have used Microsoft Dynamics GP for almost 20 years, how it has grown alongside their business, and how they still have potential to expand their use of the solution as they continue to grow in the future!

To see if Microsoft Dynamics GP might be a good fit for your growing professional services firm, request a complimentary Strategy Assessment today!

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