More Big Rocks for Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Microsoft Dynamics GP updates keep rolling in. Before the GP 2013 R2 (originally SP3) is released this May, the features of the H2-release Dynamics GP 2015 are already being promoted. There are four areas of focus of Dynamics GP for which Microsoft committed their resources: Service Based Architecture, Business Portal replacement, workflow enhancement (from the R2 release), and identity management enhancement (also from the R2 release).

The service based architecture is a near complete re-write of the underlying architecture, with the purpose of enabling services and specialized/flexible applications for the cloud. A major goal “…is to enable the creation of an entirely new catalog of specialized apps that access the business entities and transactional data of GP through a common set of services.” This will be a new approach to externally access Dynamics GP, rather than using eConnect and web services.

Just this past month, Business Portal 6.1 was released for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. This is widely expected to be the last release of Business Portal, as Microsoft is expected to drop BP when GP 2015 is released. A replacement is expected and details will be released later this year.

Also light on details is the Workflow V2, with V1 being released with the GP 2013 R2. The goal of the Workflow feature is to remove the dependency on SharePoint, which will increase flexibility and make workflow management possible through the web client. Similar to workflow, Identity Management V1 will be released with the GP 2013 R2 update, and then enhanced for the Dynamics GP 2015 release. You can learn more about the Identity Management feature from Microsoft’s GP team here.

If you run Microsoft Dynamics GP or plan on implementing the solution, you will definitely want to be live before the GP 2013 R2 update is released. This will be the first major step towards adjusting to the heavily modified Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. You can contact your local SBS Group account manager or contact us for more information here.

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