4 Traits of All-Star Distribution Sales Managers

Distribution Sales Manager Strategies eBookThe NFL combine was going on over the weekend, where scouts and coaches were looking for the next all-star players to fill needed positions on their teams and players were being put to the test.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a similar mass testing event for distribution sales managers where all of the best candidates would show up and prove themselves worthy of a position with your distribution organization?

Even though there is no such thing as a “distribution sales management combine,” you can still approach recruiting new sales talent with a list of criteria that will help ensure that you get the all-stars that you are looking for.

An article from the Inc. website discusses how to identify “superstar salespeople,” defining them as large account sales reps who can get to the top decision makers, speak to people at all levels of the company, simplify complex issues, facilitate complicated projects and create new solutions. All-star sales people also know when it’s time to move on from inefficient projects.

When you are on the search for a new superstar sales manager, here are four traits that can help you identify them:

1) Brainpower – that’s an area that is easy to test on and you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to do so!

2) Able to organize and manage large projects – don’t be afraid to ask for specific examples that prove they have accomplished this in the past!

3) Good communicators – test your candidates by presenting a complex challenge that they need to clearly explain to your team.

4) Can relate to everyone — have your candidates participate in one-on-one interviews with people at different levels of your organization to make sure that they can identify with people at all levels of your customers’ organizations.

Next time you are on the search for a new all-star distribution sales manager, keep these four traits in mind and build a winning sales team!

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