Business Intelligence: Driving Decisions from Impactful Data

There are a lot of myths surrounding Business Intelligence.  One of the big ones is that business intelligence initiatives are massive undertakings that require a lot of time and effort to get going. That belief is 100% false – better access to data and the ability to analyze and act on it is well within the reach of any organization, without putting the day-to-day needs of the business on hold.

One of the easiest ways to launch a BI effort is to work with your ERP or CRM software partner who already understands, not only the systems you have in place, but also the business processes that keep your organization running.  If your software partner already knows your business going in, then the BI project will have a huge head start.

A great example of this is a professional services organization called LPK.  Here, their finance manager explains how Socius got to know their business long before their BI engagement, so when it came time for BI, the process was a snap:


This video is a portion of a client panel presentation at Socius’ annual Aspire client conference.  You can view the complete panel session here.

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