Microsoft Dynamics GP Perpetual Licensing Pack Features (Part 1)

Microsoft Dynamics 2013 is designed to efficiently run the financial management operations of small and midsized organizations. The Perpetual Licensing Pack provides “…an affordable starting price, rapid implementation tools and functionality…” to get started with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The basic Financial Management function, as part of the Dynamics GP Starter Pack, includes 24 product capability modules to help enhance security features, provide advanced analytics, and reduce encumbrances.

The transfer of information is always critical when handling finances, especially between parties outside of the organization. The Customer/Vendor Consolidations module was developed to quickly transfer information between Receivables Management and Payables Management, to create a consolidated view of the customer and vendor relationship. These records can be viewed from the vendor or customer perspective.

Lockbox Processing is also a standard module, which will automate customer payment information from a lockbox transaction file provided by your bank. “Lockbox Processing provides reliable receivables information, improved funds availability, and greater fraud protection.” Also automated are Refund Checks for any customer with credit balanced.  This function will automatically debit the customer and update your ledger.

If you’re wondering about security, the Starter Pack also comes equipped with the Field Level Security Module, which allows customization for all forms, windows, and fields. Require passwords to access forms and windows, or completely block items for those that do not need access. Fields can be hidden, locked, or disabled in addition to the password protection.

Looking for more information on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Licensing Pack? Join us on Thursday, February 20th for an overview and demonstration of the Financial Management features for the Dynamics GP Perpetual Licensing Pack. For more information you can contact SBS Group here.

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