January 2014 President’s Update

As I was preparing my message to all of you to kick off 2014, I took a trip back to 2006 when we first launched our newsletters.  Then, as today, what was evident was that SBS Group was always looking forward.  Eight years ago we were talking about how technology would continue to drive our businesses with VOIP, Sharepoint, CRM, and business intelligence.  We were expanding our footprint into the MidAtlantic states, looking for new ways to provide more value to our clients through expanded user events and services. Today, while many of these technologies are standard requisites for a growing enterprise, we look toward the future to anticipate how technology will evolve our organizations even more.

Will we move to the cloud?  Give up our PCs and go completely mobile?  Realize the benefits of “big data” for the average enterprise?  Eliminate redundant data entry and create seamless workflows across disparate systems?  Update our systems for today’s workers while controlling our budgets?  No doubt the pace of new applications and new technologies stress even the most leading edge organizations today.

For 2014, our goal is to deliver the insight and knowledge you need to develop, design, and implement these critical business systems.  It is, as we say, to get you from your “what is to what’s possible”.  We’ll have a refocused energy on delivering the quality services you’ve told us you want.  Our commitment to help you take advantage of the technology you run your business on has never been stronger.

Once again, our team members will each spend more than 80 hours in formal training and learning through our own SBS University.  You’ll have access to more than 100 hours of free insightful webinars that we’ll deliver with tips, tricks, and new ways to leverage your technology.  We will be implementing new project methodologies to help keep your projects on time and on budget.  As important, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback as we continue to improve the value you derive from our efforts.

As we do each year, our annual operating plan has a detailed approach to our business that guides our investment and efforts.  Our scorecard this year includes process improvements like enhancing the handoff between our sales and delivery teams.  You’ve told us you get frustrated when our teams repeatedly ask for the same information.  So we’ll be working on getting that right and breaking down the barriers.  We’ll also focus on improving our resource management system so we can respond quicker to your service requests.

There are quite a few other objectives we’ll talk about in future messages but one thing remains the same as it did in 2006 – we are not a complacent team.  Count on us for improving, growing, and being a partner you can count on for straightforward, honest dealings.  The entire leadership team thanks you for your business in 2013 and for putting your trust in us.  Yes, there are times when we don’t live up to your expectations, however, we’ll always attempt to do what it takes to live up to them.  I am excited about meeting many of you this year through our many client events, and travels to your region.  As always, I am easy to reach to listen to your feedback – good and bad.  My direct line is 732.476.5906 and my email is jbowman@sbsgroupusa.com.  Neither communication method is screened so you’ll get right to me.  Please let us know how we are doing and how we can improve.

Again, thanks for your business and have a great 2014.

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