Shipping Rates are Rising, Are You Ready?

Rising Shipping RatesIt’s a new year, and that means new rates for parcel carriers – which this year translates to higher rates.

Some of these rate increases went into effect as early as December 30th, while others are still to come.  Nonetheless, shipping rates are rising from 2.4% to 4.9% depending on the carrier, zone, service, weight, and more.

As if all of the complexity from the carriers wasn’t enough to absorb and plan for, there is now a shift in the customer population, who are placing more emphasis on free shipping rather than fast shipping.

If managing all of this information seems daunting to you, perhaps it is time for find a solution that will do it for you.  There are systems available that can help you automatically shop all applicable carriers and services to ensure that you are getting the best rate.  In addition, all of our shipment information would be stored in a central location so that you can easily report on your overall shipping expenses by carrier, service, zone, etc. so that you can negotiate discounts with carriers for effectively.

For assistance identifying a solution that will help you control your costs in spite of ever-rising shipping rates, contact us today.

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