Dynamics GP Tip: Improve Receiving with Tolerance Handling

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 includes the ability to configure Quantity Tolerance settings for inventory and non-inventory items purchased through the Purchase Order Processing tool.  Using the tolerance options will help you to improve the accuracy of your order quantities by automatically closing purchase orders left open from quantity shortages, and also eliminate the need to correct receiving quantity overages on purchase orders.

Quantity Tolerance settings for non-inventory items can be found in Purchase Order Processing Setup.

Tolerance Handling in GP 2013

Quantity Tolerance settings for inventory items can be found in Item Purchasing Options Maintenance.

Tolerance Handling in GP

See more about how Tolerance Handling works in Microsoft Dynamics GP in this 3 minute video:

Tolerance Handling in GP 2010 can be added using the Professional Tools Library.  Contact Socius for information on downloading and using the Tools Library.

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