SharePoint and Business Intelligence Deliver Collaboration to Spring Grove Family of Companies

“We went through a companywide strategic planning process, and I was put in charge of marketing intelligence committee. We went through each business division, Identified different pieces of data that they were currently using to make business decisions, but more importantly also pieces of data that they felt like they didn’t have, that they were looking for. Different departments were gathering pieces of data that another department wanted, but had no idea they could get it.”

“That really drove us to SharePoint, and as a way to implement SharePoint and build a BI solution on top of that. There have been challenges, any time you implement a change like SharePoint, there’s always challenges. The key aspect that we found is we went to the top first, we got support from CEO, so everybody else fell in line after that. The biggest Advantages: we are seeing more collaboration, we’re seeing different teams working together in different ways. More successful meetings, by actually having meeting agendas and purposes to meetings. We are seeing a lot of improvement from the collaboration side of things.”

“Working with Socius has been great. Especially since they’ve given us a guide on how to approach these different projects with the various leaders in our company. Working with a top down solution, making sure you have the support internally to make any type of project or implementation successful.”

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