Meetings & Metrics: Managing your Strategic Plan

Meetings are necessary for businesses and critical to the decision-making process. Strong and fast communication and sharing information will lead to strong execution in the decision-making process. However, there has to be a point where decisions can be made without going all the way up the hieratical ladder.

The line between holding an informational or time-wasting meeting tends to be very fine. In fact, the more time spent on small items can be detrimental to the company, as research suggests “…that the higher decisions were made in the hierarchy, the poorer the quality of the decision was.”

This is where having a strong strategic plan proves to be valuable. If employees have a clear understanding of the company vision for the future and understand the urgency of the goal, they are much more likely to understand how their actions meet or defeat that strategy. Many decisions can be made without climbing the hieratical ladder, assuming employees have the right guidance.

To ensure employees have a clear understanding of goals, upper management needs to set metrics for projects and evaluate the priorities of these projects. With so much data available to us as a by-product of technological advancement, managers should have all the information needed to make accurate decisions. In fact, having the right ERP system will collect, sort, and analyze data to make decisions clear and keep meetings concise.

To make sure your systems are able to handle all of your tasks, contact us to speak with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP expert.

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