Don’t Let Opportunities Slip Through the Cracks in Dynamics CRM

Say you receive a lead for a new opportunity, you enter it into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and follow-up with the potential customer, but you never connect.  How can you be sure that the opportunity won’t slip through the cracks?

We have a client who was facing this issue, missing out on opportunities because they were being left untouched in the system for too long.  The needed to make sure something was happening with the Leads they give to their distributors and to be informed of non-movement on Leads.  The solution we developed is a workflow that tracks when a Lead has had more than 21 days since its Modified Date has been updated.

This workflow will run when a new Lead (Opportunity) is created and on any Status changes.

We set it up to run 21 days after the ‘modified on’ date (in image below it is set to 5 minutes for testing purposes).

CRM 21 Day Workflow

A nice feature that happens is when the Lead gets modified, it will reset the timer to count 21 days from the new ‘modified on’ date. It’s just looking for 21 days to pass without any modification.

Once 21 days have passed, we modified a field that keeps count of the number of times the workflow has run.

The next part checks that the Lead is still open. No one is going to care that 21 days have passed if the Lead is already closed. If the Lead is not open, the workflow is canceled and no further processing is done.

If the Lead is open, a message is sent to the people that need to be notified.

After that, the workflow is called to run again. Since the modified date has been updated by changing a field on the form, a new 21 day count will begin.

Finally, the current workflow is stopped. (See bottom of screen below).

CRM 21 Day Workflow

To get this workflow – or another – set up in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, contact your Socius Account Manager.

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